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Congratulations Connie Graham!

National Capital Chapters' second Howard Pollack Recipient.
Howard Pollack Award
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A heartfelt thanks to all that made this happen. It's a great way to honor our chapter founder. During
our chapters early years Howard served as president. Our banquets were black tie affairs & were held
near Capitol Hill with many politicians attending. After a number of years there was  some big egos at
play & many members left to form the Chesapeake Chapter. For a number of years NCCSCI struggled to
even exist. I remember a banquet in Vienna that about 15 members attended & our chapter president
resigned. Fortunately, our chapter survived some hard times & is prospering. Most of you know little
about Howard other than he founded our chapter & was a US congressman from Alaska. Howard was a
very private person & never boasted about his many accomplishments.  Howard served in WWII & lost
his right hand, but never let his disability interfere with hunting or his life. He was a very
accomplished  hunter & went on 32 safaris taking most of the available African trophies with a
handgun. When the Cape Buffalo in the Teddy Roosevelt exhibit at NRA became shabby, after many
years, Howard replaced it with one from his collection. In later years Howard accompanied his
extended family on additional safaris renewing friendships in Africa & took great pride in his sons &
daughters & grand kids taking trophies. Howard had many relationships in Africa since he was a UN
election official as democracies began to evolve. Some more successful than others. Howard was
president of the NRA & long time board member as well as VP of SCI. Howard & I traveled to many SCI &
NRA meetings together & I always cherished our time together. When in his 70's he was approached by
the UN to  attempt to develop a hunting industry in Afghanistan. Ron Pitts, Howard, & several UN
officials traveled to Afghanistan to hunt Snow Sheep. This hunt took place at very high altitudes & the
village guides were members of the Taliban.  Despite the rugged conditions Howard & Ron were
successful. During the hunt a rare Snow Leopard was sighted on a nearby mountain. After the hunt the
villagers took them to a sort of bazaar where many native items were for sale. Ron saw a beautiful
Snow Leopard coat that fit him perfectly. Unfortunately, Snow Leopards are endangered so Ron
couldn't buy the coat. Later the villagers had a celebration  which included traditional music & dancing
by the men. As Ron & Howard were dancing with the male Taliban a young woman with her daughter
were seating outside the dance area. Without thinking Ron pulled the little girl onto the dance floor.
The music stopped & suddenly over 40-AK47's were pointed at them. After a few tense seconds the UN
interpreter gained control & the music resumed.  Both were elated when the plane flew them out of
Howard  traced his ancestry to the Malta Knights. While in his 80's Howard took great pride that he &
his family was granted a private audience with the pope.
Despite his many accomplishments I believe Howard Pollack would prefer to be best known for his
love of God, family, & country.
A Little History on the National Capital Chapter of Safari Club
and Chapter founder Howard Pollack
written by Ted Griner, a Howard Pollack Award recipient  
Member of The Year Award
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